Demo Day 15

Another Demo Day, another Demo Update. Changes since last demo day:

  • New enemy type: The Buzzsaw Charger
  • New weapon: The Plasma Rifle

As I said in the last update, most new demos from this point will be new content as coding is basically done.

I really wanted to replace the level for this demo day but the hard drive I do most of my work with on my main PC died so I spent a few days replacing it and copying everything over, then promptly decided to finally dual-boot linux after putting it off for two years, leading to a very pretty new Gentoo install but not a lot of level design.

for next demo day: Some actual story, a new level, another new enemy,
and another new weapon (the last one that I have an idea for, but
weapons are surprisingly quick to implement so I might make more later)


Windows Version (DD15) (72 MB)
82 days ago
Standalone JAR Version (43 MB)
82 days ago

Get Ctesiphon (Alpha - Demo Day 15)

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