Updated for Demo Day 14

Didn't see this devlog thing before. I'll start posting these for demo updates:

Not many changes since the last Demo Day, I've been spending the last month playing too many games instead of making them, however I have passed a major milestone: From this point forward there will not be any major new code additions.

I've reached a point where virtually everything left to add is art assets: enemies, weapons, levels, maybe some cutscenes, etc. So the only big coding tasks left will be tweaking and polishing the AI and some optimization passes at the very end.

Changes since last demo day:

  • Enemies can move around and attack again (Though they tend to get confused easily when you're out of their line of sight)
  • There are now a pair of big locked doors in the level that need a keycard to open
  • Explosion effects have been changed to look a little more consistent with the rest of the game


Windows Version 70 MB
May 05, 2017
Standalone JAR Version 42 MB
May 05, 2017

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