A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Early alpha of cyberpunk FPS Ctesiphon.

Another Demo Day, another Demo Update. Changes since last demo day:

  • New enemy type: The Buzzsaw Charger
  • New weapon: The Plasma Rifle

As I said in the last update, most new demos from this point will be new content as coding is basically done.

I really wanted to replace the level for this demo day but the hard drive I do most of my work with on my main PC died so I spent a few days replacing it and copying everything over, then promptly decided to finally dual-boot linux after putting it off for two years, leading to a very pretty new Gentoo install but not a lot of level design.

Plan for next demo day: Some actual story, a new level, another new enemy, and another new weapon (the last one that I have an idea for, but weapons are surprisingly quick to implement so I might make more later)

Check out my Tumblr for semi-regular updates and past progress: http://stomygame.tumblr.com/
I'm also now active (sort of) on Twitter:

Install instructions

The Windows .zip version just needs to be unzipped, and then you can run the exe inside. This version comes bundled with a Java jre (from ojdkbuilds on github) so you shouldn't need Java installed to run it.

I'm currently figuring out how to do a Linux launcher with packr, should be able to have one ready in time for the end of submission.

The .jar version requires Java Runtime to run. It should be sufficient to simply open the jar file with Java, otherwise you will need to open a cmd/terminal, navigate to the file and run it with: "java -jar Ctesiphon-Demo.jar" (without quotes). Linux users: Don't forget to mark the jar as executable if it doesn't work!


Windows Version (DD15) 72 MB
Standalone JAR Version 43 MB

Development log


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Awesome game, I can't wait for more, thank you for making this <3

i cant see any of the buildings, just the sky

please help

That's probably your system's version of OpenGL being too old, are you playing on Mac or Linux by chance?

I like this, clean gameplay, wacky enemies, looking forward to play it!

Great concept! Can't wait for it to be completed

This looks pretty darn fun. I'll give it a shot.

As is this is the best "unity FPS" I've ever played by far. I really liked how the guns felt, the level design and the overall style. Can't wait to play the finished thing.


Hi! here is my gameplay of the demo in a VHS style!

Great game, i can't wait to play it when more features are added


I tried this a while ago, it was kinda cool, especially the music:

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Gave it a go...


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Fun game! Look sensitivity is a little weird though, like the vertical look is slightly slower than horizontal. Would be OK with the difficulty being a bit higher (taking more damage and doing less) in exchange for some faster default movement speed (like CSGO does). I just like the sensation of rushing around though like you can in Hotline Miami (kinda feels like a similar vibe). Also might suggest making the atmophere a little darker, if you are trying to go for cyberpunk

Was pretty fast-paced though, was very fun to rush though. And it worked. And it was written in java of all things! Why on earth would anyone want to do code in that!

Nice work though

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Thanks for playing!

I'm not sure what could be causing weird mouse behavior, it translates your desktop movement 1:01 to degress in both axes so it shouldn't be giving different sensitivities, I'll put in separate X and Y sliders if the problem doesn't go away.

I'm going to put in some more difficulty levels later that apply damage mods to the enemies, probably won't cause you to do less damage though as I think that's cheap.

Rushing around and cyberpunk are very much the idea. For now the map is really bright because I haven't put in the lighting system yet, when I do this map will be in the late evening rather than the middle of the day, and most other maps will be in the dead of night.

I want nothing more than to start again in C++, but I've come too far! If you must know, I simply found LibGDX to be very useful to get going with, after this project though I won't be touching Java again except for much smaller games.