A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Early alpha of cyberpunk FPS Ctesiphon.

The level hasn't changed substantially since the last demo day, but there are all new graphics, sounds, a title menu, and the gun now requires reloading when spent.

Hitting the big red button now presents you with an end screen!

(Enemy/Item/Secret Counts still in progress)

Check out my Tumblr for semi-regular updates and past progress: stomygame.tumblr.com

If you've played a previous version of the game there may still be a settings file in your Documents/My Games/Ctesiphon folder, if so you will not have a key bound to reloading and will need to either delete the file or reset default bindings in the Controls menu.

Note: I might try making a packaged exe for Windows this time as well, as that's how it will be distributed in the end, but I haven't tried using packr yet so I might not have it ready before the end of demo day.

Install instructions

Requires Java Runtime to run. It should be sufficient to simply open the jar file with Java, otherwise you will need to open a cmd/terminal, navigate to the file and run it with: "java -jar Ctesiphon-DDX.jar" (without quotes)


Ctesiphon-DDX.jar 38 MB

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