A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Early alpha of cyberpunk FPS Ctesiphon.

We're in an all new level to give you a glimpse of the world of Ctesiphon, it even has an end-of-level button!

Check out my Tumblr for semi-regular updates and past progress: stomygame.tumblr.com

Update: Fixed a crash when restarting the level

Published Jul 08, 2016
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
TagsCyberpunk, FPS

Install instructions

Requires Java Runtime to run. It should be sufficient to simply open the jar file with Java, otherwise you will need to open a cmd/terminal, navigate to the file and run it with: "java -jar Ctesiphon-DD9.jar" (without quotes)


Ctesiphon-DD9.jar 27 MB


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Loved the "Doomness" of the level. I found myslef exploring every last corner of it and I love that.

Just two things, in the roof of a building there are 3 canister things, careful with those, as the player can get stuck between them.

Also, maybe tone down the fall damage a lil bit, it feels unfair to take damage after falling from a 1 story building in this kind of games. But you know, this is only a suggestion.

Glad you liked it, that's exactly the sort of thing I've been going for.

>Stuck behind the canisters
I noticed this a while ago, then next build of the map shouldn't have this problem.

>Fall Damage
This is a tricky one, at the moment you need to fall about 6 meters for it to kick in which I think is quite forgiving. It's something a lot of people have been concerned about though so I'm keeping it mind.


I like it so far! Really want to scope. The level "end" was great. :)


Thanks for trying it out!

Scope is on the way, along with weapon switching, reloading etc. Most of it should be in the Demo Day 10 version


felt nice, music was overpowering the other sounds of the game. felt strange not having a reload button but its not a big deal. was not sure how to press the end game button so i ran around looking for non-existant enemies for a while. looking good so far

Thanks for playing!

I'm still tuning the sound levels so I might start music lower by default

There will be reload! Likely by next demo day, along with hopefully another gun

You press F :P But if you've played one of the previous versions you'll still have a settings file without a definition for the use key, so it will be unbound.